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June 7, 2019



Ocean represents calmness, stability and also the culture of the respective geography. Our designers use the oceanic colors of theme based interiors and combine them in unique blends of whites and grey and use wall decors and designs to get on top of the theme. Designers use the inspirations from the ocean, the sky it’s an element in designing your home. Don’t get surprised to see the usage of pebbles, seashells, fish aquarium and other elements beside designing your furniture, upholstery and wall solutions in oceanic and sky theme. The kitchen shutter, wardrobes, and other furniture get strip design on the high glossy finish where whites and blue in general are used the most. Here the roof gets a unique blend of sky designs. Use of excessive lightings is also done in this design style.

Indian Art

Curves replace straight, square and triangular lines while designing homes under Indian art category. You will see elements of Indian art like pottery, hand paintings, textiles, stone and metal, paintings on glass, glass bricks, artsy mirrors, etc. Red and yellow are prominently used along with wooden textures. Bright colors are used in the form of deco over high gloss to reflect modern artistic & Indian feel. Use of jaali and partitions are common in this category of designs. This design category follows a theme based concept which flows from the foyer area and then runs through the complete home. The living areas and false ceiling generally get veneer and deco finish. Kitchen shutters are CNC cut to be rounded and is covered with either membrane or poly coat. Overall the reflection of Indian art gives the entire house a different touch and feel with vibrant colors.

In this design category, our designers use the shades of the earth which reflects stability, growth, and prosperity. The shades of wood, nature-green, turquoise, white and yellow are predominantly used in the designs. The entire objective is to have every family member live in peace, prosperity, and harmony. Theme based designs are floated which engulfs the entire house with the purpose of bringing the inhabitants together. Use of stone cladding, charcoals, marble finished panels, focus on storage solutions, matt finish and high gloss, texture paints and wallpapers, use of wooden rafters, panels and arches are common in this design category. The beauty of this design category is this allows a choice of own decor and existing decorative units can easily merge with the design style. Last but the least, Pooja unit in common area gets a big focus while designing the home. Pooja units reflect one’s way of attaching them self to their personal belief.

Contemporary Electic

In contemporary eclectic designs, instead of following a theme based designs, designers prefer using colors and space suiting to individual members of the family. To be more precise, each member of the family gets their own reflection of personality in their room. Colors like violet are used to denote the personality of an introvert, orange for an extrovert, blue for cool/stable personality, red for super energetic or loving personality, yellow for a family head who always need to get involved in the decision-making process, etc. Contemporary eclectic focus largely on customized storage solutions, walls show-off personal taste and achievements, personalized colors for loose furniture’s, window curtain reflecting individual tastes and the combination of all in the common living areas. Different furniture arrangements like a bar unit in the personal living area, bookshelf in under staircase area, etc. get priority instead of following a regular straight-line pattern

White is often termed as the color of the soul. White and violet enhance spirituality. The divine classic design gets inspiration from Hinduism, Christianity, and Buddhism. The objective is to give what our soul wants — Peace! In this concept both high gloss and matt finish are used. White becomes the dominated color and along with either of orange, violate, maroon, blue or red is used. Sometimes only white is used. Use of deco paint, acrylic/UV panels and high gloss laminates are often while designing kitchen shutters or storage spaces. The walls and other areas get one of the colors as predominate color while planning for wall textures or wallpapers.

Indian deco

Indian deco is a design category that captures the design requirement of the modern tech-savvy Indians who prefers gadgets over traditional, uses mechanized solutions then manual and prefers to be futuristic then trying to live in the past. The design category suits everyone who loves metal or mechanic. Usage of lots of metallic like copper, bronze & steel, etc. is relevant here. The kitchen shutters get steel grey panels, TV units gets metal strips along with usage of colored panels, shiny gold/copper/silver paint and rustic wallpapers occupy the wall space. The staircase gets metal or chrome hand grips, the wardrobe gets metal colored strips. Grey replaces white. Overall the final outcome looks astounding!

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