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Discover the timeless allure of beautiful homes with our exquisite interior design collection at Homzinterio. Embrace clean lines, a monochromatic palette, and strategic pops of color with our Modular Kitchen Design and Bedroom Interior Design from the Minimalistic collection, exuding contemporary elegance. Explore curated functional furniture embodying the essence of Minimalism, combining impeccable craftsmanship and timeless design. Enhance your space with essential elements: shape, colour, and texture, whether it's for a better bedroom design or a better ceiling design. Experience the transformative power of Minimalism – harmonizing style and function in your bedroom and kitchen coexists. Create a sanctuary of peace and serenity with our collection, where simplicity takes center stage. Elevate your home with our Minimalistic collection today with Homzinterio. Our team of talented interior designers understands the art of creating spaces that speak to your soul and reflect your unique taste. Contact us today to embark on a journey of exceptional interior design for home, where every detail is meticulously tailored to your vision. Welcome the essence of Minimalism into your life and elevate your home with Homzinterio.


Blend modern and traditional styles with our exquisite Transitional collection, offering wardrobe design for bedroom and a plethora of home decor ideas for room designing and in-house decoration. Neutral color palette, organic textures, and comfortable furniture create a classic and elegant look. Discover timeless allure and refined beauty. Elevate your home with our Transitional theme today. Experience transitional furniture and decor that redefine elegance with Homzinterio. Book an appointment to get a free quote on your dream house today.


Step into the world of Mid-Century Modern interior design, where clean lines and muted tones create a harmonious aesthetic. Experience the perfect blend of natural and manmade materials, graphic shapes, and vibrant colors. Connect with nature through seamlessly integrated indoor and outdoor motifs. Discover curated collection of mid-century modern furniture and decor. Elevate your space with timeless elegance and embrace the iconic style that has stood the test of time.


Discover the captivating allure of our Bohemian collection, a popular and trending aesthetic that blends cultures, artistic expressions, and nature, including pop design for hall, modern yet simple interior design, and living room design. Let’s unleash the boho-style space blending patterns, metals, woods, and materials to curate an exquisite and eclectic space that tells your unique story. Embracing the magic of organic elements and soulful treasures from your travels, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable and nature-inspired home décor helps create a free-spirited aesthetic Bohemian space. Experience the Bohemian lifestyle today and indulge in this sought-after trend that resonates with the free-spirited and adventurous at heart. Book an appointment for a free quote today.


Discover the captivating charm of Contemporary Eclectic theme, where the art of mixing elements takes center stage. Embracing the versatility of Eclectic style, this theme offers a delightful blend of various looks, from bohemian free-spiritedness to refined elegance. It celebrates the fusion of diverse textures, colors, and patterns, creating a space that is both visually stimulating and deeply personal. In this design journey, polished aesthetics meet the creative spontaneity of boho-chic, resulting in a harmonious symphony of styles. Elevate your living spaces with Contemporary Eclectic Interior and let your personality shine through a truly unique and captivating ambiance. Express your individuality with our curated selection. Get a free quote from the Bangalore’s most preferred Interior Design Brand today.


Indulge in Hollywood Glam, a dramatic design style that allows you to make a bold statement with modern home interior & furniture designs & ideas. Incorporating Victorian elements like plush velvet pillows, tufting, and antiques, this style exudes opulence. Experience exquisite furniture and bold color palettes of purples, reds, and turquoise, adorned with gold and brass accents. Elevate your home with our Hollywood Glam collection today with the help of best interior designers in Bangalore and embrace dramatic elegance. Get a free quote and make your dream home come true.


Step back in time and indulge in the timeless allure of Art Deco Interior theme, where the vivacity of the roaring twenties and the romanticism of the grim thirties come to life. This captivating style expresses vigor, optimism, and a vision of a new modern age, reflected in its iconic decorative themes of sunbursts and fountains. Embrace the symbolic skyscraper shape, epitomizing the bold spirit of the 20th century. Elevate your living spaces with the sophistication and charm of Art Deco, celebrating an era of opulence and artistic expression.
For exquisite Art Deco Interior services in Bangalore, contact us today and let our expert designers bring the glamour of this iconic style into your home. Experience the magic of Art Deco and embrace a fusion of history and modernity in your living spaces.


Embrace the grace of Renaissance home design, where interior designers can help you with an interior estimate for flats, ensuring symmetry, balance, and ornate features come to life. Discover the allure of vaulted ceilings, marble floors, and opulent four-poster beds to effortlessly incorporate this timeless style into your space. Add a touch of grandeur with artful murals and exquisite wallpapers. Transform your home with Renaissance elegance.


Experience the seamless fusion of sleek, clean lines from contemporary design and the luxurious elements of chic design, offering room designing and home decor ideas. Elevate your space with our curated collection of effortlessly chic furniture and decor, including new modern pop plus minus design. Discover contemporary sophistication with a touch of luxury today with Homzinterio.


Discover the beauty of interior design for flats with our Classical Reflections collection. From well-crafted furniture to intricate detailing, including inlay and ornate motifs, experience the timeless elegance it brings to create beautiful homes. Explore fabrics with subtle patterns, textures, and a mix of stripes and block colors to elevate your space with classical reflections today.


Immerse yourself in the inviting allure of country design, with inputs from top home interior designers in Bangalore, where bright whites, delicate creams, pale blues, and soft yellows create a soothing ambiance for living room interior design. Alternatively, indulge in the warmth of earthy tones like red, yellow, and gold, expertly incorporated by a living room designer. Embrace natural materials such as brick, stone, rustic wooden floors, and beautifully weathered furniture, adding a touch of elegance to your room interior design, wardrobe design, and cupboard design.
Experience the rustic charm that country design brings to your home with Homzinterio. Design a home that epitomize the natural beauty and cozy appeal of this timeless style.


Step into the world of urban industrial design with the expertise of interior designers in, where architectural elements become captivating focal points. Unlike other styles that conceal piping and ductwork, interior designers in Bangalore embrace these raw elements, creating a unique aesthetic for modern home interior & furniture designs & ideas. Experience the charm of unfinished textures and a casual atmosphere that exudes relaxation and comfort. Discover furniture and decor that embody the raw beauty of industrial design. Book an appointment and transform your space into an urban oasis that reflects your distinctive style.


Embark on a nautical adventure right in the comfort of your home with the captivating Nautical Interior theme. Inspired by the sea, this style boasts a natural color palette that exudes tranquility and sophistication. Unlike coastal decor that mirrors the elements of coastal living, Nautical decor embraces motifs that transport you to the open ocean. Picture delightful cabana stripes, seashell accents, and even a charming lifebuoy adorning your walls.
For expert Nautical Interior services in Bangalore, trust our team of famous interior designers to infuse your space with coastal charm and timeless elegance. Contact us today to set sail on a design journey that celebrates the allure of the sea within your living spaces.


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Step into the world of retro design, where an eclectic mix of old styles and new forms creates a captivating aesthetic. From tapping into any era to the most common 50s, 60s, and 70s, retro design embraces a kaleidoscope of contrasting design features, vibrant colors, unique shapes, and captivating forms.
Infuse your space with the eclectic fusion of old and new in our curated collection of retro-inspired furniture and décor. Make your dream house come true with Homzinterio.


Discover the intriguing rustic interior design a style that celebrates the charm of nature and embraces the beauty of imperfection. With its natural, rough, and aged elements, Rustic design exudes a casual and inviting ambiance. From Tuscan-inspired touches to coastal, cottage, and modern rustic variations, this design category captures the essence of rugged natural beauty.
For expert Rustic home interiors in Bangalore, look no further. Our team offers top-notch interior design consultation, guiding you through the journey of creating a rustic retreat within your home. Upgrade your dream space with our extra-ordinary collection of Rustic theme and transform your living spaces into a haven of rustic elegance. Contact us today to embark on a design adventure that harmoniously blends nature's charm and timeless appeal.


Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of Scandinavian house style, characterized by muted colors, ample natural lighting, and modern furniture. Experience the joy of a decluttered space, adorned with warm wood accents and refreshing greenery. Embrace the "less is more" approach that brings a sense of calm and harmony to your home.
Discover our curated collection of Scandinavian-inspired furniture and decor. Create a space that embodies the timeless elegance and minimalist charm of Scandinavian house style. Your dream home is just a call away. Call us and book an appointment to get a free quote.