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Design says a lot about you. About who you are and what you love. Some say design is an art, some say it is aesthetics, while some see it as a simple department. With so many virtues, how can design ever be simple?

Homzinterio understands design at its core and creates a combination that brings life to any space. It is our passion to create beautiful interior spaces that scream aesthetic endurance for people to call it their home. Wherever you are, even in paradise, you will miss your home, we ensure that. While we dive deep into you to know about you, we marry our proficient skills and design flair with your personality and preferences. Our designs exude order and artistic cool, you and your space deserves


















About Homzinterio


With refined planning comes great living and Homzinterio has mastered the art

Homzinterio stands as a leading interior design firm in Bangalore ,redefining the art to give an unmatched customer experience. Driven by creativity, sense of authenticity, dedication and trend, we elevate the spaces, invite aesthetics and engage with the environments of homeowners and corporate clients.

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Modular Kitchen

Think not of cost, but the value


Foyer Area

Make each space worth of count


Living Room

Details make the design!



Simple, yet significant


Kids Room

Let the creativity play with imagination


Loose Furniture

Let every foot-tap count

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What does an interior designer add to your home?

While many of us think that adding certain colours and furniture and upholstery from the catalogue will make a good design, well, that is an easy design but certainly not a great design. A great design is an art. It’s a speech.

Design should speak about you, reflect your mind and soul. Combining the right shade of colour, furniture and style is just one aspect of design. Interior designing is more than that. It’s a complex emotion that comprises of way too many elements. A skilful interior designer understands these emotions and knows how to implement. t tIt will first establish a concept, and then tailor design space as your requirements demand it

At Homzinterio, design is storytelling. It is a collection of what you love.

Before we come and ask you – go and find what inspires you, go and find what is it that you love and go write it down till it is all out there on your walls, ceilings and floors!

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