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Tips on how to keep your home uncluttered

With new season approaching, there's never been a better moment to shake off the untidy blues and reset your home with a thorough declutter.
Keeping clutter under control might feel like a hefty undertaking, especially in busy areas like kitchens and hallways, but breaking it down into manageable portions may result in significant improvements. Get the best guidance to overcome your clutter at, Homzinterio.

Decide what you want to declutter.
List out the things that needs to be organized. Focus on spaces such as a drawer, cupboard, nook or shelf. Planning ahead will help you identify the key parts of your home that needs quick actions.

Tip- Capture before and after picture for your satisfaction.

Daily cleaning checklist

Plan accordingly.
Start your home decluttering process by creating a detailed step by step strategy that focuses on areas that have been neglected. Note the strengths and places for improvement in each space. Take a look at the overstuffed bookcases and wardrobes. Plan your off days appropriately; this encourages the progress of the work.

Tip- Separate the task and balance it within the time specified. Begin with the heaviest corners.

Home decluttering

Sort items into 3 parts.
Once you planned accordingly, decide where to start.
Sort items into three piles:
You can try some DIY hacks to recycle into something new.

Tip- Choose a space where you can make progress quickly, like a tiny closet or drawer. This promotes a clutter-free home.

Clutter free home

Choose what to pass on.
Even when we no longer need or use something, we find it difficult to let go of it. Do you have a wardrobe full of clothes you never wear? Or the accessories are taking up space? While try to simplifying your space, differentiate between the necessities and extras.

Tip- Be noble enough! Donate your extras to the destitute.

Simplifying your space

Decide what to keep.
As we proceed through each space, consider items that are useful, practical & evokes pleasant memories. Decluttering involves more than just getting rid of stuff, it involves finding ways to organize the things you wish to preserve. Bedside tables and kitchen worktops may become cluttered, so storage solutions are must. Use a beautiful bowl for accessories like keys and phone chargers. Make a drawer to keep your toiletries.

Tip- Maintain a daily cleaning checklist, this will help to keep common places neat.

Storage ideas for home

Utilize storage solutions.
Stackable drawers, elegant baskets and pretty boxes will help in maintaining communal areas tidy. Increase storage, make use of every nook and corner, the underutilized space under the sink, stairs, underbeds or bathroom cupboards.

Tip- Decorative baskets are lifesavers and store anything from toys to toiletries.

Storage solutions

Enjoyed reading about the declutter tips, and looking for more storage ideas for home? Book a consultation with Homzinterio team and allow us to create magic in your home! Let’s connect!

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