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This Women's Day, let's combine Shiv and Shakti to empower all Adi-Shakti.

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This month, we're honoring women who demonstrate drive, vision, and leadership. Women who refused to let identification barriers prevent them from sharing their talents with the world have altered the area of architecture and design. As a company, we consider ourselves fortunate to have collaborations with women in business whose careers are the result of the efforts of pioneering women who came before them.

Soft color palettes for home

 “Feminine is a powerful dimension of life. Without the feminine energy or ‘Shakti,’ there would be nothing in existence”          .                                                                                 — Sadhguru

Styling your space with a softer side provides numerous aesthetic and physical benefits. Here are some of the key advantages of decorating your room with a pastel color palette.

  • Combine pastels with delicate shapes and textures– Since many pastel colours offer a fresh, peaceful, and tranquil effect, they can be paired with soft furnishings and accent pieces to enhance them. Pastel cushions, blankets, and other texture-rich pieces, for example, can make a room appear bright and serene.
  • Add pattern– Another fantastic method to incorporate a few pastel hues into a room’s design is to use geometric patterns or another form of pattern. This allows you to mix and match numerous colours and create a fresh and eye-catching design that does not look overly aggressive and cluttered.
  • Consider pastel furnishings– We often avoid colorful furniture and go for mainstream finishes that fit in. That is a safe option, but it does not allow you to show your unique style. Consider pastel furniture and accessories to give a room an uplifting and cheerful feel.

Delicate fabrics in home decor
  • Natural fabrics, as the name implies, are those woven from naturally occurring fibers – They could be cotton, wool, or silk, for example. The variety of natural fabric sources highlights the wide range of roles that natural fabrics can perform in your house. Natural materials are an excellent alternative for design components virtually in any environment.
  • Cotton blends offer the versatility and brightness of cotton with increased durability – Cotton blend fabrics, are flexible and may be used in a variety of rooms across the house. Cotton blends with stain-resistant finishes are a popular upholstery choice in high-traffic areas. Blends are well-suited to withstand, say, small feet on couches or dribbles of apple sauce on seat cushions.
  • Acrylic fabric is ideal for outdoor living spaces– Acrylic is a durable fabric that resembles wool. It is durable, stain-resistant, and colorfast, just like natural fibers. Another notable feature of acrylic fabric is its hydrophobicity, which means it is water-resistant. Acrylic fabric’s water resistance and durability make it an ideal choice for outdoor dining set upholstery, patio umbrellas, or toss cushions for a poolside chaise lounge.

Feminine touches in home design

Decorating your home in a feminine manner is a common choice among women. There are numerous methods to decorate your home in a feminine style, including floral wallpaper, pink headboards, and French furniture.

Here are some stunning feminine home décor ideas for every area in your house!

  • Crystal Chandelier Fixture– Crystal chandeliers are the ideal feminine lighting.
  • Oversized French Mirror: French accents may give any room a feminine feel.
  • Pastel cushions and pink curtains adorn a beige accent chair adds on to your soft charm.
  • Coral pink living room sofa: A feminine living room decor is ideal for a pink sofa.
  • Floral living room rug: The harmonious and sophisticated living room design is very preppy.

Elegant home decor ideas
  • Make your plants clean up– You should take centre stage when it comes to your green thumb. Adding unusual indoor plants and trees to your living space is the ideal approach to bring nature within.
  • Turn your library into a centrepiece of Art– Is there anything cosier than a vibrant floor-to-ceiling bookcase encircled by comfortable seating? A gallery wall that is also a set of bookshelves. Adding artwork to your publications adds personality and provides contrast.
  • Layer your rugs:  Layer rugs to maintain the cosy, textured look. It will feel opulent as you approach and depart. The basic colour scheme gains warmth and depth with a linen canopy as well.

Nurturing interior design

The essential components of a responsive interior are:

  • There is a sense of peace and stillness when one is in nature. Nature’s inspiration will always help you feel rooted. Consider about your choice and see what draws your attention. Think about the forms as well as the colours that appeal to you. Thus, a pattern with gentle, flowing lines and a naturally laid-back vibe will be simple to live with.
  • Establishing the ideal mood in a space requires excellent lighting. Adopt a tiered lighting scheme with four primary lighting types that are each managed by a separate circuit. Less atmospheric general illumination is the first. It most definitely doesn’t promote serenity, especially if your ceiling is covered in a grid of LED lights!
  • Colour has a very nurturing quality and is strongly associated with emotion. Recall the things you enjoyed about your childhood home and your family. It’s incredible how many people, without even realizing it, are drawn to colours that were present in their childhood home. You frequently discover that, although perhaps in a different tone, you still adore those colours.
Did you like reading about elegant feminine decor? Want your home to be just as cosy and serene as this one? Schedule an appointment with Homzinterio, the top interior designers in Bangalore, and let us work our magic in your house.

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