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As the moon rises, let your home shine with Ramadan radiance!

Pre-Ramadan Preparation Tips

Home interiors
While the spirit of Ramadan lives on in our hearts, building a home setting that illustrates the love and joy that this month indicates can help us make the most of this lovely period by providing an inviting space to meditate and reflect.

Ramadan home decorations:
  • Revitalize your prayer space – For you to get into the “Ramadan mindset” set up a vibe! Turn your prayer room into an appealing one, where you dedicate a corner for prayers with immense peace, Quran, tasbeeh, enough light, ventilation and other necessary items for prayer are set properly. This will help you prepare your mind, body, and soul for a glorious month of worship!
  • Ramadan decor ideas revolve around lanterns and bright colours. Ramadan décor ideas can help you create a joyful atmosphere in your home. It will also assist you in developing a spiritual connection with Allah during the fasting month by producing tranquil and soothing vibrations that will manifest your actions.
  • Remember to clean and organize your home as you get ready for Ramadan, as it is popularly said, “Paaki Aadha Deen Hai”. Replace your prayer mat, remove any distractions, and create a cosy, inviting environment. In Sha Allah, revitalizing this area will assist you in revitalizing your relationship with Allah!

Islamic-inspired home decor for Ramadan
Here are some creative ideas for Ramadan décor to make your home or office stand out from the crowd this month.
  • Handcrafted rugs & carpets– The month of Ramadan is the perfect time to revamp and decorate the house to create a joyous atmosphere. Carpets and rugs can give one’s home a retro feel during Ramadan. Oriental/shaggy rugs, and hand-tufted carpets are just a few of the styles available.
  • Ramadan wreath at the door– Muslim homes are decorated with a beautiful wreath during the holy month of Ramadan. To create a sense of elegance, you can also insert a wooden Ramadan Mubarak sign in between the wreaths. When family members come to the house for iftar, the entry will make them feel happier.
  • Iftar table decoration – After a long day of empty stomach worship and connect with Allah, even He will want you to break your fast at ease and have all the relishing delights He is made available for you. So, why not create a serene vibe on the iftar table with fairy lights, fine table cloths, gleaming crockery, and earthy-hued candles. And for you to break your fast, begin with a invocation to Allah, sip in some water, followed by dates and savour fresh fruits, snacks and Badam ka Harira.

Traditional Ramadan home decor
  • Install an Arabic lantern to brighten up a nook- Installing Arabic lantern lights into an office space is a must for enhancing its festive atmosphere during Ramadan. It adds brightness to any area, whether it be your patio, a corner of your office, a mall entrance, or even cafes and retail establishments.
  • Set the majlis seats low– Considering hosting a nice iftar dinner for loved ones on the weekends? Arrange the customary low majlis seating in the spirit of Ramadan to make your guests feel festive. For an additional touch, hang some Ramadan wall decorations in the background.
  • Install a sculpture of a crescent moon in the foyer- Invest in a big metal crescent moon display for your business. The crescent moon with fairy lights looks fantastic in vast outdoor settings; it’s functional, hospitable, and lovely. Try the newest craze as well—installing a massive crescent moon tree to decorate the foyer.

Eid home decor
Here are a few simple tips to get your home Eid-ready.
  • Establish a Special Eidia Corner– As part of this celebration, youngsters get a gift from the older members of the family called Eidi, or Eidia. Therefore, designate a particular area in your home as a photobooth to click pictures while receiving eidi.
  • Set Up an Exquisite Dining Table– An Eid decoration would not be complete without the large, massive table with mouth-watering and appetizing dishes. The dining table has to be so appetizing that it will make your guests famished. Use crockeries that looks elegant. To add a traditional touch and charm to the sweet dishes, use clay pots. If you don’t have any clay containers, you can still create an appealing eating area by using glass, porcelain, or bone china.
  • Lanterns: Beautiful electric lanterns have taken the place of the once-common traditional lanterns. These lanterns can be used to add elegance to your home by hanging them as decorative elements in various areas. Turn on these lanterns at night to give your house a dreamlike appearance.

Everything to do and avoid in Ramadan


1) Recite the Qur’an while clarifying its meaning.

2)Dampen your lips with Allah’s dhikr.

3) Give alms (food, clothing, groceries, and money) to the needy.


1) Squandering time on binging, playing games, listening to music.

2) Food that could negatively impact your health and make you miss fasts.

3) Uncovered mirrors, statues, photos and shoe stands at the entrance, preventing angels from entering the home.               

Ramadan Kareem! May Allah grant you strength, patience, and guidance throughout this sacred month.
Was it an interesting read? This time of the year, add sparkle to your home with beautiful decorations and abundant blessings. Allow us to create our enchanted realm in your home. Schedule an appointment with Homzinterio, the top interior designers in Bangalore.

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