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Let artefacts be your interior’s muse!

Decorative artefacts for home.

Home interiors
A few thoughtful modifications may completely transform the space, bringing in light and life at the same time. With Homzinterio, let's discover more about various artefacts.

Artefacts for modern interiors
We'll give advice and ideas for adding these essential items—which range from rugs and framed artwork to candles and plants—into your decor. So, let's get cosy, relax and enjoy reading about home decor!
  • Table Lamps – A table lamp may give any living room’s design a dash of refinement and charm. They offer a subtle aesthetic touch and ambient light that can illuminate any nook and corner of the house. Table lamps come in a variety of sizes and forms that complement any interior decor style. Table lamps will add flair to any decor scheme you decide on for your house. Table lamps are certain to be a piece of furniture for home decor that will add beauty and elegance to your space for many years to come thanks to their adaptability and variety of designs.
  • Wall art – Any area can benefit from the distinctive touch that wall art brings. It can serve as an accent item or to create a visually striking centrepiece. Wall art comes in a variety of forms, from elaborate sculptures to abstract patterns. Wall art can add the ideal final touch to any type of home decor, whether you’re going for something sleek and contemporary or more conventional. Wall art is a timeless and versatile piece of art that can be added to any space.
  • Clocks – Clocks have been used as decorative pieces in homes since ancient times. They are useful and give any space an air of sophistication and flair. Because they are available in a wide variety of forms, sizes, and designs, clocks are the ideal addition to antiques for home decor. From traditional grandfather clocks to contemporary, minimalist wall clocks, clocks make great home decor pieces.

Antique artefacts for interiors
Here are 3 ways you can style your house with heirlooms and antiques:
  • Old Indian Brass and Copper Pieces – These antique brass and copper pieces come in a variety of forms, and many of us own an abundance of them. You can polish vessels and use them as planters. Vase-making possibilities for smaller antiques include large plates and bowls. Cluster displays of antique lights and copper and brass souvenirs are possible. You have the option of polishing them or leaving their wear exposed; both looks are lovely and quite fashionable.
  • Antique chairs – Revamping an antique chair is the simplest solution; don’t worry that it will ruin the original appearance. Redesigning vintage chairs has become sort of a trend these days.
  • Old trunks – Trunks may be as useful as they are beautiful because they offer a ton of storage space inside! Create a cosy reading hideaway by stacking a smaller trunk full of books next to your preferred reading chair. Trunks made of wood have a certain beauty. These days, you may easily purchase items online and polish them to make them look beautiful. You can keep tablecloths and bed linens in wooden trunks. Often used as blanket boxes, they provide a sophisticated appearance when positioned at the foot of a large double bed.

Ethnic artefacts for living room
Decor aspects are critical in determining whether a home's visual appeal is effective or not! Fortunately, Indian home decor ideas will help you attain a stylish look!
  • Cushion Covers – When you want to bring a warm, homely atmosphere to any place, whether it’s the couch in your living room or the one in your bedroom, a few cushions or more can do the work! All you have to do is cover them with coloured cushion covers! Adding cushions is not only one of the most promising ways to brighten up your home, but it is also one of the simplest. Today, it is extremely handy to locate a large range of ethnic cushion covers in a variety of colours and designs, allowing you to pick what best meets your style preferences.
  • Candles, candleholders, and votives – Want to add some vibrance to your living space without going overboard? Candles provide unparalleled instant mood enhancement. What more? When it comes to creating a romantic atmosphere, scented candles are your greatest friend! There are also exquisite candle holders, which are great for making a striking statement on special occasions.
  • Figurines & Wooden Masks – When it comes to authentic Indian home decor ideas, sculptures and wooden masks are an absolute must-have. These are home decor embellishments. Figurines, which depict the subtleties of the Indian lifestyle in exquisite detail, can give your home interiors a one-of-a-kind flair. You can choose figurines with ethnic designs or those in solid colours to give a splash of colour to your home. Whatever you choose, you can be confident that your living and dining rooms will look fantastic!

Wooden artefacts for home decor
Whether it's wooden antiques or classic wooden furniture, or something out of the ordinary like hanging wooden planters for your plant kids, there's always room for wood in your home decor plans. Here are our top three wooden home decor products that will transform regular interiors into genuine stunners.
  • Wooden photo frames are a popular modest home decor item for highlighting memories and relationships. While metal and plastic photo frames in a variety of finishes are already popular, wood frames—plain, carved, distressed—add a unique appeal to any display. If you like a more refined look, consider using broad solid wood frames to decorate your walls.
  • Stools – Stools are among the most unassuming pieces of furniture in the home. A stool does not have to be just another utilitarian item. When carefully picked, they can provide a unique charm to settings. Decorative wooden stools are ideal for areas where you want to display your collection of little antiquities and succulents in adorable planters under the warm light of a lovely table lamp. Alternatively, keep a small comfortable wooden stool on hand to provide additional seating as needed.
  • Wooden swings are often more than just house adornment. They are the pinnacle of comfy seating, or, in certain cases, an unexplainable must-have for the home. Depending on your furnishing preferences, you can choose from a variety of possibilities. If you live in an apartment or do not want a large swing for your seating arrangement, you can choose for a basic swing with a wooden base and metal or brass chains for hanging. If you are searching for something that blends in with your sofa set, you may consider some stylish swings with a backrest.
Did you enjoy reading about antiques and artefacts? Create a regal and elegant aesthetic. To transform your home, schedule a consultation with Homzinterio, the leading interior designers in Bangalore.

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