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Interior Design Trends 2024

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Designers at Homzinterio, have compiled a list of trends, which ranges from trendy designs to textures. Bookmark this page for future motivation.
The new year starts with high hopes and optimism, trendy styles offer a glimpse into the future of elegant living. The experts from Homzinterio, explore the classic and modern twists in trends for 2024.

Design Trends #1 – Biophilic home interior design continues to be timeless
What is Biophilia? And why is it trending? Biophilia has a remarkable capacity to support both physical and emotional healing. The urge for people to live near to nature is growing, even though it might not be feasible for all. Being biophilic means attending to sustainable home interior design and incorporating outside aspects into our homes in a seamless manner, instead of adding few greens in the balcony. Biophilic design improves health by adding features that physically, visually, and emotionally establish a harmonious relationship between nature & human biology. Materials like bamboo, cane and rattan along with water elements, earthy colors enhance the organic components.
Tips- If maintaining natural material is a challenge, combine real and artificial plants to get similar effect.

Biophilic home interior design

Design Trends #2 – Contemporary Eclectic
Eclectic look combines modern and minimalist elements. A range of aesthetics, mixed materials and eras are combined in an eclectic style using unified components like color, texture, and finish. Eclectic style is a bit tricky to get a handle on, but we’ll walk you through some elements that will help you through the style journey! Major elements that are prime; contrasting texture, mismatched furniture, simple backdrop and uncommon pieces.
Tips- Don't throw a bunch of different things into a space and expect it to be eclectic, leave room for souvenirs and fancy stuffs to add character.

Mixed materials

Design Trends #3 – Natural palette; merging coastal hues and tropical shades
Are you more of a forest or beach person? Given that, this is driving the trend for 2024. You can expect natural and warm tones; the monochrome interiors infuse the color scheme and transcends design. Use color choices that suit your personality and the overall atmosphere of the house, selecting colors inspired by nature can help us to retain the beauty of the natural world even in the city corners. Tints of blue, white, and natural color scheme along with themes like rope decorations and driftwood. Natural hues give a calm, harmonious ambiance that you may adapt in your home! Express your individuality with our curated selection. Get a free quote from the top interior designers in Bangalore today.
Tips- White palette like raw cotton or salt white can create an illusion of space and appears longer. It’s a great way to bring an airy and expansive feel to the interiors.

Monochrome interiors

Design Trends #4– Curvy elements to beautify the space
The soft rounded features, curved furniture and warm curvy elements can break up design monotony, these are key components of the interior design trends for 2024. Curved furniture, such as couches, ottomans, an oval dining & oblong nightstand are easy ways to introduce curves into your house, which also gives a touch of Japandi style interiors. Although kitchens are often designed with sharp angles to maintain a clean aesthetic, curved counters provide harmony and flow by counter balancing the harsh edges. Curved arches provide refinement to our living rooms, making them an inviting environment for our guests. Tips- Using mirrors or artwork within curved frames is a great way to subtly add curves to any space without needing to redesign the layout of a room.

Curved furniture

Design trends #5 - Patterns and textures to be mindful of
Main textures and bold patterns that will be stealing shows are:
  • Limewash- The limewash texture is becoming popular for its elegant yet rustic appearance.
  • Fabric laminate- Top-rated fabric laminates offers a sophisticated touch, one of the most popular materials for home décor.
  • Floral print- What’s new? Right now, fabric prints with vibrant and floral designs are trending.
  • Rattan- Rattan is the material used to make a wicker weave. It has been trending since 2023 and continues to be on the top in 2024. Natural materials for furnishings and wallpaper, such as jute, rattan, and bamboo, are in line with the eclectic and bohemian theme.
Tips- In order to avoid anything clashing with the larger-scale floral print, you should choose solid colors to create a clean, minimalist effect for the remainder of the space. Choose rattan furniture with simple designs and geometric shapes. This contributes to the collaboration that exists between the modern design’s clean lines and the organic texture of rattan.

Bold patterns

Design trends #6 - Sustainable choices that pay off
Sustainable interior design is also gaining popularity recently. For homeowners, eco-friendly features are just as vital as usefulness and aesthetics. The following are a few methods to include the same:
  • Choosing modular furniture over custom-made designs.
  • Choosing and obtaining locally sourced materials.
  • Choosing a minimalist design, in which design follows functionality.
  • Energy-efficient smart lighting that is adaptable in terms of color and intensity.
Tips- Add a coffee table for function and looks, but don’t clutter it. Keep surfaces clear by storing items in baskets or cabinets. Use Lighting to create vibe, place floor lamps in corners, table lamps on surfaces, and overhead fixtures for ambiance

Sustainable home interior design

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