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Decor Ideas for Astrology-Inspired Interiors

Astrology can give insights about a person's personality, taste, and style, which can be employed to create a unique and well-balanced home design.
Whether you are a dreamy Pisces or a realistic Capricorn, personalized zodiac home accents by Homzinterio professionals might better reflect your taste. Quickly let’s run through our star sign decorating guide!!

Fire signs:
Aries, Leo & Sagittarius are the zodiac signs associated with fire, primarily for their main character energy. Each fire signs have its own distinct manner of expression.
Aries is connected with courage, leadership and adventure. They’re usually assertive, confident and eager to welcome change. Their outgoing personality is defined by strong lines, bright colours and bold patterns. Aries' desi glam flair can make them stand out. Their appeal goes well with the eclectic design style.
Colour: Red is the colour of Aries, which is ruled by planet Mars.
eclectic design style
For their charm, grandeur, self-assurance, inventiveness, and drama, Leos are highly regarded. They don't mind using bold designs, pricey materials, or eye-catching furniture. Maximalism should be investigated as a possible design approach. Leo home decors are characterized by vivid colors, abundance of accessories, layered patterns, and bold designs.
Colour: Leos are ruled by planet Sun, Mustard and Gold go well with their personality.
Leo home decors
Individuals born under this sign are regarded to be straightforward, active, very intellectual, exceptionally clever, ethical, witty, generous, open-hearted, compassionate, and energetic. Coming to Sagittarius home interiors, they are not huge fan of being at home, therefore their interiors should have an outdoor feel. Open home design work quite well for them. As a result, the bohemian style accurately depicts them. They should also incorporate plenty of natural features and patterns into their homes.
Colour: Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter. Hence, the colour of this zodiac sign is purple.
Sagittarius home interiors

Earth signs:
The earth indications are regarded as trustworthy. When it comes to house design, most earth signs will prioritize storage, practical layouts, and ease.
Taurus is the second sign of the Zodiac, representing material pleasure. People born under this sign are said to have a calm, patient, dependable, loyal, affectionate, sensuous, ambitious, and resolute personality. Taureans are some of the warmest people you can meet. We can readily relate Taurus zodiac decor with earthy hues, organic materials, and soft textures. The Scandinavian style of interior design works best for this earth sign.
Colour- Distinguished by the use of neutral colours, such as white. The ruling planet is Venus.
Taurus zodiac decor
Virgos are logical, sensible, hardworking, and committed, they have a unique way of defining class. It is the sixth sign in the Zodiac, connected with purity and service. Their basic and practical interior design philosophy prioritizes comfort, simplicity, and straight lines. They prefer their surroundings to be tidy and uncluttered, so keeping things simple and using calming green hues is ideal for them.
Colour- Mercury rules Virgo. So, green is an apt shade for this earth sign.
Virgo zodiac sign decoration
We adore your organization, discipline, and drive for achievement, Capricorns. Resilient and subdued troublemakers by nature, those born under this sign are fans of all things simple and elegant. This zodiac is all about leadership and hardwork. However, adore a hint of earthiness, which is frequently found in mid-century modern architecture. A Capricorn is well-suited to a modern approach. Clean lines, minimal patterns, natural components, and an abundance of natural light define the modern style. This works best for them because they can remain comfortable and concentrated even at home.
Colour- Choose earthy neutrals, containing some shades of brown. Capricorn is ruled by authoritative planet Saturn.
Capricorn zodiac home decor

Air Signs:
Air signs are highly sensitive, emotional, intelligent and decisive. To help them feel at home, their homes should be decorated in very personal style.
Gemini is represented by the twin symbol, this sign is connected with communication, adaptability, and curiosity. They are excellent multitaskers, as well as lively and adventurous people. Geminis enjoy bright colors, fun patterns, and mix-and-match design; to meet their changing needs, a contemporary home works well. Gemini home decor assets should include minimal designs, cool tones, and natural materials to express their fun-loving, versatile, and vibrant personality.
Colour- Yellow is a suggested color for this solar sign, which is also ruled by Mercury.
Gemini home decor
The seventh sign of the zodiac is Libra. People who were born under this sign are regarded as having amiable, intelligent, charming, outgoing, and charismatic personalities. Pastel colors are appropriate for them, it produces a calming atmosphere. For this zodiac, the mid-century modern design is ideal, this design features vivid colors, graphic shapes, a blend of natural and artificial materials, and crisp lines.
Colour- Pink is considered to be the colour for Libra. Overruled by planet Venus.
Libra home decors
This sun sign is renowned for being sensitive and peaceful. They are also quite intelligent, independent, and upbeat. Aquarians adore originality, self-reliance, and quirkiness. The interior design is all about unusual colors, futuristic, unusual, and vintage furniture. Since Aquarians are known for their enigmatic aura, eclectic interior design might work well for them. This style creates a pleasing fusion by drawing inspiration from several sources.
Colour- Aquarius is ruled by planet Uranus. Therefore, blue is a good color to represent it.
Aquarius home interiors

Water Signs:
The water signs are sensitive, sympathetic, and emotional. They typically engage in some kind of artistic endeavour and are endowed with an excellent eye for detail. Their homes serve as their havens, they take great pride in showcasing their unique signatures.
Cancer is linked to nurturing, emotion, and intuition. They have strong familial instincts and are infatuated with passion and romanticism in all forms. Their aesthetic is nostalgic, feminine, and has a delicate feel. An eclectic look suits Cancerians well because they don't really care to commit to a theme.
Colour- Since the planet moon rules them, their colors are silver, white, and grey.
Cancer zodiac interiors
Scorpios are valued for their fierce loyalty and steadfast determination. They always value a raw, natural look as a result. Their distinct aesthetic is defined by intensity, mystique, and metamorphosis; this translates to bold colors, dramatic lighting, and striking objects. Scorpio is the eighth sign of the Zodiac. The industrial style used in the Scorpio zodiac décor is characterized by a lot of wood, metal, and cement. Additionally, a lot of subdued, gloomy tones are used.
Colour-Mysterious black for the powerful scorpions! They are ruled by planet Pluto.
Scorpio zodiac decor
The final sign in the zodiac is sensitive Pisces. Pisceans are naturally drawn to creativity and arts. Known for their inclination towards spirituality and the occult, they have an intense feeling of compassion and are completely empathic. The dreamy personality is reflected in their style, which features delicate textures, pastel colors, and ethereal motifs.
Colour- Neptune is the ruling planet! Pastel hues are the perfect choice for the dreamy fish.
Zodiac color palette

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