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The colours we see influence how we feel. Vibrant colours like red and orange can stimulate and generate excitement, whilst softer, more muted colours evoke feelings of serenity and relaxation. To create a relaxing environment at home, choose soft, neutral tones. Textures from neutral components, such as grainy wood floors, a fluffy rug, a faded leather club chair, or bright metal lights, bring contrast and character to peaceful colour palettes, keeping the design interesting. Swoop into our interior tips to boost your mental health:

Calming color schemes for interiors
Each of these six calming hues—from airy blues to calming neutrals, soothing pinks, and greens inspired by nature—has low saturation, earthy undertones, and inviting undertones. Colour psychology states that pink is the most physically calming hue that will make you feel cosy and that blue is the most calming colour for the mind. Green is the colour of nature; it is the most calming hue on the eye and the least demanding of all the colours.
The colours to avoid are red and orange. These fiery hues, might inspire confidence and promote great emotions. They are associated with increased activity and energy. Mostly, ineffective for creating a peaceful environment.

Indoor plants for stress relief
Plants can be considered as stress-reducing home décor. They also provide a healthy, breathable environment, hence preventing health problems. Let's look at some of the greatest indoor plants to have in your home or office to ease anxiety and stress:
  • Basil – The basil plant has anti-stress qualities which help in relieving stress and anxiety. Basil leaves are utilized in numerous ways, including salad dressing, treating stomach ulcers, insect stings, and sore throats.

  • Aloe Vera – This succulent plant helps to reduce harmful radiations created by electrical devices. Electronic gadgets have negative impacts on humans, yet aloe vera helps to release more oxygen into the surroundings. The aloe vera plant is a low-maintenance plant that also functions as a natural air purifier, helping to alleviate anxiety and tension by providing fresh air to breathe.

  • Snake Plant – Keeping a snake plant in your bedroom or on your workplace desk improves air quality by eliminating dangerous toxins and providing you with fresh air to breathe. This unusual-looking plant can be kept in a lovely tiny pot and helps relieve headaches, eye irritations, and breathing problems.

  • Areca Palm – Areca palm is a popular air-purifying plant that may be used in both homes and offices. This low-maintenance plant is simple to care for and has been shown to remove hazardous chemicals from the air, which can have an impact on human health.


Decluttering for mental clarity
According to research, cleaning might have a variety of benefits for your mental health. For example, it gives you a sense of control over your surroundings while also engaging your mind in a repeated action that can be comforting. It has also been shown to boost a person's mood and create a sense of success and fulfilment. There are several reasons why cleaning can help you relax. Here's a look at some of the advantages of cleaning and decluttering your house.
  • Improves physical health – A clean home has an impact on your physical health; persons who live in clean houses are generally healthier than those who live in dirty or cluttered homes.

  • Improves mood – A tidy home, mindful furniture arrangement can help you maintain good mental health & feel less anxious. According to studies, having clean sheets and making your bed leads to a better night’s sleep. Taking more rest has a variety of mental health advantages, including boosted mood.

  • Improves focus – When your home is congested, unclean, or excessively dirty, the disruption it causes can impair your ability to focus. The clutter also reduces your brain’s ability to digest information. Experts have established that people are less annoyed, happier, more productive, and better able to absorb information in an uncluttered and structured work environment.


Tranquil bedroom design for better sleep
Calming bedroom ideas range from modest to oh-so-glam yet still soothing - there is something for everyone. Let’s look into it:
  • Beach vibes – The coastal-inspired bedroom is excellent for modern surfers. Blue accents, such as rugs, cushions, and throw blankets, can help to create an all-white or neutral area. Blue is often said to be the most soothing hue. Using light-coloured stained wood can give your area a beachy feel.

  • Bohemian bliss – Bohemian style is really fashionable these days. Everyone enjoys adding a touch of bohemian design to their houses, especially in the bedrooms!! However, if you want to go all out with a bohemian-style bedroom, use warm brown, grey, and burnt orange tones to create a realistic bohemian atmosphere. Adding a lot of plants, rattan furniture, and other bohemian features to your space will quickly make it feel cosier.

  • Minimal magic – A fantastic style for someone who like to keep things simple. Keep the colour pallet in white and beige tones. Also, pair them with metallic gold or silver. Add two or three accent pieces to your room, such as a patterned accent pillow or a mirror.


Feng Shui principles for emotional balance
Would you like to attempt Feng Shui in your home? Here are some techniques to consider. These extend to all areas of the home.
  • Maintain a clear path – Energy can be blocked if your path is obstructed. Organize furniture so that you can walk from room to room with ease.

  • Have clean windows – Natural light in interior design is for well-being according to Feng Shui. Maintaining clean windows makes it possible for the sun’s energy to enter your home’s rooms unhindered. It may also give you a livelier feeling.

  • Plants – Indoor plants are symbolic of nature and natural vitality in Feng Shui. They fill your house with a sense of renewal, bringing life and brightness into it making it a serene living spaces for relaxation. Take note of the amount of light that your new houseplants require. This indicates if they need to be placed close to a window or whether they can live with a little less sunshine. If you take good care of the plants, they will reciprocate by staying healthy and strong.

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