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Trends in Interior Designing – Somewhere ‘Bright’, somewhere ‘Dark’

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Each year we see distinct trends that set the theme for the entire year. Be it accessories or the setting style of furniture or the floor, we smear our temple with all the creative ideas we find aesthetically intriguing and rejuvenating.
Interior designing is not just about painting and installing wooden furniture but an art, or we can say science too, to build aesthetically soothing environment. “Home is where the heart is and heart is where peace is” – this quote seems quite fit for almost everyone because as soon as we head home after spending the day out, we need peace and pleasing atmosphere which can pluck the needles of pressure we feel the entire day.
No matter whether you own a humongous tenement or live in a single-bed room, there are still many changes you can try with your home walls or accessories and set the tone of tranquillity. Even if you haven’t found the perfect shades or match for your interiors, you can surf Flipkart and other apps, and you will find wall stickers, decals and other sorts of thing which could elevate the intensity of charm and beauty of your home.
Need to sketch your home into the wall of tomorrow?
Yeah! You are in the right place. Before electing the interiors for your home, you must have a look at these 5 interior designs that are trending at the moment.

1.Materials and Textures: has enlisted 2018 as the year of leather and velvet. Implementing the right texture for you floors have its own impact as your feet feels the floor the very morning you wake up from your bed. Leather textures are hoped to be installed in the bedrooms whereas the latter, Velvet could be used for soft furnishing.

You must have visited bars and restaurants and noticed the different mix of textures which enthral our mood in a jovial way. And also the blend of old, new, hardwoods, softwoods, painted and natural, light and dark woods. Only for one reason – a feeling of ecstasy.

2.Pattern Plants: According to Pinterest data, searches for “pattern plants’” have escalated to 533%. As you can surmise, the data depicts this ornamental design for your rooms will take over the year 2018 in its own alluring way.

3.Statement Ceilings: Now this is what we call entirely out of the box concept. Even for this one, Pinterest has announced that searches for this term have too risen up by 310%. Statement ceilings are, of course, the most innovative way to sketch the interiors as people are now-a-days keeping the wall colors same but refurnishing the roof.

4.Show-stopping doors: If things around the house are taking a new form, then why the doors remain the same for years. (Ha-Ha-Ha) Jokes apart, but 2018 year will see new, colorfully painted doors. Again now, Pinterest has listed that even for this term, “colorful doors” has risen by 121 this year. Clearly, these numbers indicate the trends shaping the future in its own wisdom.

5.Brights: If some people are adopting ‘light and dark woods’, then there are many who chose ‘Brights’ for their interiors. has predicted that this year too will see shades of burnt orange and greens, including peacock blue, Bordeaux and tomato reds, plus forest and cactus green covering the walls of many abodes.


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