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Smart interior design ideas – Way it meant to be!

Immaculate, Mellifluous, Quaint yet Apposite – homes are meant to somewhat nearer and adjoint with words like these, not mere factors affecting the demurred surrounding, but the authentic, aesthetic, and undiluted fortification – to render solace in times of solitude or in moments of warm get-together. I too have hopes high, desires unfold, dreams due – ones which I still meant to make true. But now just being a dweller of a single-bed room, I have locked my dreams in a box – only to open at apt moment. As we cross the sacred, divine barrier betwixt the outer and inner world, it’s imperative that the latter should enthral the sparkling bliss and blossom our time spent away from the dank days outside.
Gleefully, I went a little too far with my dreams as they are sole proprietor which has made my imagination clouded with tawny tangible traits.

Ah! My apologies.

So, what in our opinion alter the mood and helps to transcend to a soothing and relaxing instance. Obviously, the designs, pattern, light, textures, scent and sound. Interiors are meant to rejuvenate intense feelings, evoke the positive visceral reaction and just a few minor changes can bestow you abode with warm gestures.

What are the small but essential requirements that make the house a home?

Soothing Sounds
“Jingle bells, Jingle bells, Jingle …” The baby seems quite relaxed when these words fell in his ear.
The mother too seems relaxed, performing her tasks – the other household chores.
Yeah. I mean music. Doesn’t it entice the very threads that make us downpour with slices of regalia?
As we all have music systems in our houses, we know the importance of music in our life. Clearly, I assume, no man or woman can live or keep his/her feet still when some calm or staccato music plays. Oh my! Imagine you wake with some nice alarm bells in the morning – apparently your day will be filled with serene and jovial chunks. This is why people place wind chimes on their doorstep.
Also, our homes have been bombarded with new techs like Amazon Echo, Apple HomePod, and Google Home. These tech models can access a wide range of podcasts, genres of your interest, enhancing the auditory mood in your house.

Pleasant Odour
Casey: Hey Amber, smell the nice flavours.
Amber: Ah! I feel like I’m out in nature. Truly, this fragrant smell reminds me of my days backpacking in Amazon.
Somewhere in their mind, they ventured Amazon again!
Studies have shown that some nice memories are triggered with incense odour. Rather some other researchers have suggested that these odour are mood-changers too. You can plant fragrant flower shrubs and put them inside your homes as they will provide the needed odour and will clean the breathing air too. Candle, furniture, incessant sticks and so the fabric or leather are some sources to fill you with nice, peace-evoking odours.

Color and Lighting
Different colors mean different taste and stimulate conscious and subconscious regions of our mind. Red, orange and yellow are some warm colors as they are linked with feelings of happiness, optimism and energy. Color Blue is associated with calmness and spirituality as well as security and trust and so the list goes on and on.
Maybe you know or if you don’t, color red stimulates appetite. That’s why McDonalds and KFCs chose red colors to arouse and attract consumers.

Ah, I feel hungry!
You too can choose your favourite colors and revamp your environment according to your requirements. But before devising the right pattern or hue, you must take a look at the color chart and then you’re done with shades of your likes.

It’s true that when we think of our homes, we need it vibrant and full of accessories, doesn’t it mean the precious additions – sometimes even cheap items fit the wall as well as our expectations. And we agree that there’s a lot to reconsider. But making small changes is what will replenish the racks with lively and energetic vibes.
Love the charm, live the tenderness as your home’s the only place to propose corner when you need it most. Attention to details, dominion over dormant caves, with lights auburn and colors ablaze – Hope to rekindle, foul fumes to fade. We, at HomzInterio, consider your requirements sanctum and so we scamper to come up with essential changes that you and your house need. Let us be the designer as we are stacked with the best of materials from across the globe and deliver the product to our customer with the same passion as we design them.

Born out of an idea, we provide stunning home interiors at unbelievable prices. If you wish to hire us, you can reach us at Homzinterio Let us know your dream and we will design accordingly!

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