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Plan your ceilings the smart way

Interior designing

Ceilings are one of the most vital features of the interior space as they provide the completely unobstructed view of a room. False ceilings are a type of lowered extension to an existing one. An advantage of such arrangement is that you can easily conceal the exposed wiring, cables, or cracks in the main ceiling. They also help in providing us better-lit homes.

Other than all these wonderful aspects, the function of these ceilings is not only to shield the foundation of the roof structure or purely for decorative purposes either. Since they occupy a great surface area, they are an important factor in the acoustic and thermal comfort of your house. Now we know that they are called smart ceilings for a reason.

A false ceiling is built by suspending it from the main concrete ceiling. There are a lot of options to choose materials for the suspension. Metals like aluminium and steel can be stretched to a variety of shapes. Treating metals in this manner will not alter their soundproofing abilities and they tend to be long-lasting.
These days, gypsum boards are adored more due to their light weight, flexibility, and is resistant to moisture and fire. They are also found to be very tough, easy to install, and cost-effective. Due to their high efficiency, they are also fast replacing Plaster of Paris (POP) for repair operations.
Wood, plastic, glass, fibre, or just about any material can be added to a false ceiling for both decorative and functional purposes.

Attractive ceilings
What can possibly be more gorgeous than an enviable decorative plasterwork well lit by masked lights? Light colored ceilings are always beautiful. You can add small hints of dark shaded designs to beautify them. Include geometric patterns and curves for creative adornment.
An innovative roof design can do wonders to any existing room when combined with proper lighting technique. Enhance your design by containing some LED lights, pendant lamps, and chandeliers. It is easier to include LED lighting artistically when you go for coffered ceiling patterns. Such designs also create a sense of height and an airy feeling for the room.

While you consider a striking ceiling for your home, make sure you are also saving yourself money in the long run. A designer ceiling helps to reduce your monthly expenses too.

Air conditioning (AC), though an intensive energy consuming process, is used by everyone. Smart ceilings boost the air conditioning and reduce those huge summer electricity bills. They are suspended a few inches below the actual ceiling. Due to the cavity between the two layers, the air within is locked in. This helps as insulation to keep your room cool by stopping the heat outside from coming in. It reduces your AC load further. In fact, you don’t even have to use your AC frequently due to the natural cooling provided by these ceilings.

Lighting costs in India contribute to about 20% of the total electricity bill. A huge benefit of using false ceiling is you get to use high quality LED lights, instead of installing tube lights, which consume less energy and are far more resilient. You can creatively fix the LED lights based on your ceiling design and get happy results, while saving on energy and costs. False ceilings tend to be highly reflective due to which high brightness can be achieved from very less lights.

A great ceiling complements the rest of the room, offering a fresh and aesthetic perspective. Do you need help with your ceiling design? Talk to us and we will present you with the most productive solutions.

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