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Patios maketh homes

Patio garden

Circa 1970 – If you happened to take a stroll around Malleswaram, Jayanagar or Sadashivanagar, few popular and prominent places of Bengaluru, you would have witnessed bungalows and mansions that had intricately and beautifully developed, manicured gardens in front of the mansions, the gardens would have also had the typical white colored swings with a teapoy. The patios were utilized for evening rendezvous; family members would quite certainly meet in the patios to discuss their day’s activities. The patio would also be utilized for birthday parties and other family get-togethers, the place brought in a deep sense of belonging to the entire family and the members were brimming with enthusiasm for every evening. People who have not witnessed these places would have definitely seen a similar scenario in the movies, and they could easily relate to it.
As cities starting growing manifold, living places started to shrink, having patios and gardens slowly started to diminish. Today, people who have extra places do not consider developing a patio et al, they just construct in the entire place for living.

If you have a will there is a way – Patios are definitely possible in apartments and small living areas

Yes definitely, small gardens and patios are possible in apartments and small living areas; there are many ways that one could develop their patios into a wonderful garden. All you need is a strong will and a good idea, there are many ideas for developing gardens in the small balconies or patios or living areas.

Idea 1 –

If you have an apartment with a balcony all you can do is develop it into a petite and attractive garden of your own. All you have to do is measure the size of the carpet area of your balcony and order for a green grass carpet, the carpet looks exactly like grass but it would be made up of plastic yarn. These carpets are durable, during rainy seasons they can withstand continuous water flow, in case the balcony happens to be open, as most of the balconies in the apartments would be open. You can place few pots that have flowers on the periphery of the carpet or other small varieties of plants. Now you own garden is ready, evenings can be spent fantastically by having a cup of coffee in the garden.

Idea 2 –

The same balcony and space can also be utilized for a different purpose. Suppose your balcony is providing you with a magnificent view, you can convert it into a sit-out with a small garden and enjoy the space. All you have to do is place a small table with 2 small chairs, the size of the table and chairs could vary from the kind of space the balcony has. If the balcony has an overall space of around 40 sqft or more than you can opt for a bigger tables and chairs, if it is lesser than that, the smaller ones are preferred. Spread the green grass carpet across the balcony, place the table and the chairs with a beautiful flower pot on top of the table, the flower pot creates the right ambience for the entire balcony. Sit across the table and enjoy your evenings with a cup of coffee or you can acandle-lit romantic dinners romantic dinners, the choice is entirely yours.

Idea 3

For people who want their private garden, all they could do is place a foldable bamboo mat on the exteriors of the balcony, the bamboo mat could be folded when you need privacy otherwise you could leave it open to have an outward and beautiful view.

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