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How to decorate your pooja room?

Pooja Room is the heart of many Indian homes. The designs may consist of a separate room, cabinet or just a simple shelf and the decor is always exceptional. People in small space apartments usually go for Pooja Mandirs using materials like wood, metal or glass.

Today we intend to help you with a checklist on how to create a divine setting for your deity. With the right accessories and decoration you will achieve divine transformation in the worship space.

Here are a few quintessential tips to making a perfect setting for the worship abode:

Cleanliness is Next to Godliness

It would be good to dedicate a day to washing all copper vessels or items used during the pooja.


Traditional diyas are available in brass and silver, in different shapes, sizes and designs. You could also use the traditional clay diyas and decorate them using the items in your DIY cupboard eg, paints, beads, glass cut in different shapes. The small lamp serves as a source for lighting incense and camphor while performing the puja.


Choosing an idol of god is a very important task. Idols are available in wood, metal and also painted clay. Alternatively, chrome, silver or wood framed photographs of deities can also adorn the pooja area.


Pooja room needs to be well lit. Therefore, investing in some ethnic lamps and lights to keep the positive energy alive in homes.

Puja thali

Traditional thalis for puja in silver or gold plating can look very appealing. Beautiful silver plates can be used to keep items like camphor tablets, incense sticks with a holder.


Get beautiful flower garlands, of different colours and arrange them well in your Pooja room. A rangoli made of flowers will definitely add charm and soulful feeling to this place.

Mandap for Pooja Room

Traditionally, pooja mandaps were made of wood and are preferred even today. Homzinterio can craft a unique prayer unit, understanding the sacredness and presenting it elegantly. These can be designed according to the overall look of your home in varied shapes and sizes. We use only the best quality material while customizing the prayer unit according to your interests and vision.

Pooja Room is the most spiritual place of our house as we offer our deep gratitude towards almighty God. Let Homzinterio help you find the best way to decorate this holy place in your home.

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