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Essentials for the Perfect Vanity Space

“Mirror, mirror on the wall! Who is the fairest of them all?” Not just the Evil Queen, every woman ensures that she looks her best before going out. It is every girl’s dream to have the perfect makeup table to organize her brushes, cosmetics, and skin care products. This is what makes the vanity very special for the lady of the house. Hence, it is important to choose wisely the perfect design, the right cabinets and the accessories that go with it.

Begin with modelling something storage-friendly and then enhance it with some personal touches later. Let’s get started!

Vanity Cabinet

Space plays an important role here, because vanity cabinets tend to come with a number of drawers and doors. So, the first step is to measure your area. Make sure you leave enough room for the shelf openings. Also, decide the position of electrical switches around your table.

A dresser can serve well, if it is designed according to the storage needs. Your requirements can vary from a neat table with little stocking capacity to a beautiful chest of drawers, when you have a lot to keep. Add more style by choosing an elegant chair. If saving space is your first priority, it is advisable to go for a chic stool which offers good comfort and support.


Besides the dressing table, this the most important part when it comes to styling the vanity area. Some counters come with readymade ones, but you always have the freedom to model your own. The shape is the first thing to consider. You can either go for a circular contour which covers only the central area of the wall or a full length rectangular profile.

If you wish to glamour it up, add some lights to its frame! Also, keeping a desktop magnifying mirror can be really useful while applying makeup.

Explore your Options

The dressing table is a woman’s private den. She spends precious minutes of her time here getting ready for work or dressing up for some special event. Hence, it is better to deviate from the usual approach and go for something classy you will never get bored of.
Choose the colour of your set-up, based on factors like the wall paint and your room décor. You may also pick the table finish being either of glass or wood. Also, go for suitable frames and drawer handles. This will help your corner to not look alienated from the rest of the room.
Try going for a design that stores the maximum it can, yet takes up minimal area. This will give you more area to add some extra items to liven up the space.

Get Creative

Now, it is time to add some personality. Clear the clutter and organise with charm. Make sure your makeup items and accessories are easily available. Keep small boxes to arrange your things into categories. It is good to keep a mini bin to throw those used cotton balls and tissues. Use trinket trays and cases for everyday jewellery.
Need some more? Garnish your desk with fresh flowers, lamps, candles and all your favourite things neatly. Adorn your chair by adding a cushion or throw giving it a comfier look. If you’ve got some extra place on the wall, add a portrait to complete the frame.

Your vanity can control the entire ambience of your room. Tell us your requirements and we will help you choose the best for your space!

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