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Difference between Interior design and Interior decoration

Interior design and decoration are two unique things and each has its role to play in determining the effectiveness and aesthetic appeal of a living space. Wondering, how each role differs? Read this blog before you hire someone to work for you.

Interior design focuses majorly on Space planning by conducting an in-depth analysis of the current space. It’s an art of creating aesthetically pleasing functional spaces within a building for the people’s use. An interior designer effectively uses his creativity and technical skills to design a high-quality interior environment. He understands the needs of the customer and applies his skills on elements like artwork, lighting, window treatments, and flooring to suit the lifestyle of the client.

Decorators aren’t designers

Once the functionality of the interior space is planned and executed as per the client needs, interior decoration is carried out to enhance the look and feel of the interiors. An interior decorator step in only after the construction and interiors are materialized. He plays a major role in making the interior part of the building look elegant by employing his skills in furniture design, colors, adding things like a lamp, chair and other fashionable outfits to provide a wholesome experience to the user. Generally, the interior decoration will not affect the structural properties of the building and it will only have a superficial effect on the living atmosphere to make it visually appealing.

Your dream living space with “Homzinterio”

So, Interior designing is more of creating and planning functional spaces within a building whereas interior decoration is more of beautifying the interiors. Looking to transform your living space to experience a never before atmosphere? You could rely on Homzinterio. Having offered successful solutions in both design and decoration for so many years has made us emerge as people’s favorite in Bangalore and Hyderabad. Try us now to enjoy a holistic living experience!

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