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Because a Home is in-complete without the right interiors.

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The painting of M.F Hussain hung on the wall commands attention and respect, the feeling of admiration is not for the hefty price paid for owning an M.F Hussain painting, it is rather for the design and aesthetic sense the painting brings to the entire home which makes the home an aesthetic abode for living. Likewise, there are many aspects that make homes a paradise for living. The interior designs bring artistic sense and order into every home, the order of the design craves responsiveness which makes living in the home a profound experience.

The seven Mantras that make interior designing in every home an incredible experience

1. Space – Space is the most important aspect in every home, the design should
provide space for life to sustain peacefully and thrive.
2. Line – Line is sacrosanct for design, the design should be in line bringing
order and discipline for the occupants.
3. Forms – Forms bring pattern into every design, the forms make life happen
within every home
4. Light – The designs and colors should be light enough to allow light and life
to be transparent which brings peace and tranquility into the home.
5. Color – Colors bring vibrancy into the homes, the colors should have a
pattern and follow up.
6. Texture – Textures breathe life into colors, the textures also bind people
into a healthy relationship.
7. Patterns – The disparity in patterns culminates into one single aspect of
breeding homogeneity amongst the residents and creates the feeling of

The interior design of homes offer many attributes for the residents, they bring in character, attitude and method of life to them. The investment made for the interiors reap them with peace, harmony and quality life, these aspects bring in phenomenal change amongst the people and make living in the home a truly incredible experience. Every home is made up of furniture, interiors, articles, accessories and a host of must-haves. The interiors, the furniture and all other accessories that are present in a home should have a pattern and should look like a family, together they all make an effective impact on the people living in the home.
Homzinterio religiously follows the seven mantras and adapts the same in their designs and execution for Homes, Offices and Business places. We passionately source the best of materials from across the globe, manufacture the fittings under strict supervision, run quality checks on more steps than required and deliver the product to our customer with same passion as we design them. Whether you want to do interiors for your new house, redecorate a single room, remodel a whole house or redesign your office space, each scheme is overseen in detail by us to ensure projects are delivered on time and within budget. Branded Base Materials, Quality Products, Stunning Designs and Customer Experience are bedrock on which “Homzinterio” strives to serve the customers.

Homzinterio is one of the leading interior designing, developing and building company of Bangalore has been in the business of interiors for quite some time, the company has been delivering aesthetic and quality interiors for homes by creating perfect spaces for vibrant and quality life to thrive. The experience and the numbers delivered by us more than speak about themselves.

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