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10 Amazing ways to design your TV unit

TV unit design

Looking for some great ways to organize and update your entertainment division? The television is the centerpiece of your room. The living room is basically designed around that area. If all eyes are in that direction, you better make it extra special.
Plan and build your entertainment unit carefully based on your needs. Most of the readymade sets usually come with shelves, drawers, and doors for holding the television and its accessories, and some extra storing space to stock random stuff and help decorate the region around it with charming adornments.
Below are a few ideas to assist you in forming your entertainment area.

1) Sleek design
Many modern entertainment units nowadays come with straight cabinetry and open shelving for placing curio and books. The shelving can be planned anywhere around the television and in any proximity. These designs are not specifically directed towards high storage. They are aimed to give a simple yet contemporary aesthetic look.

2) Go modular
Modular designs are useful if you need a lot of cupboards and stocking space around your TV. Stack your DVDs, speakers, electronic game consoles, and DVD players in the respective shelves. Now, use the remaining space to put your creativity into action.

3) Display your favourite reads
Nowadays, books have become embellishments too. Add a mini library section to show off your literary collection. Line up some bestsellers, classics, and magazines in appealing rows. Use a small drawer to store bookmarks, notebooks, and other reading needs.

4) Off the floor
Installing a wall-mounted entertainment centre can give you a lot of floor space below. You can either choose to leave this space empty or you can decorate it with style by placing a mini carpet, antique pieces and collectibles, plants, pots, and what not.

5) Sliding door storage
The family room is often a TV-watching hub, but it can also be the place for entertaining guests, play, exercise, hobbies, study, and a lot more. To bring order to this multi-purpose room, add a sliding door to create a wall of open and closed storage design. This can help transform the look of your room suitable to your needs.

6) Stashed in boxes
Keep board games, puzzles, toys, craft supplies, photo albums, and other frequently used items out of sight by storing them in cabinets below the television. You can also arrange them in neat boxes with labels on open shelves.

7) Stored and in sight
Keep your TV accessories handy by storing them in a small pretty basket or a wooden box. Store your TV remotes, telephones, headphones, and game controllers neatly arranged near your television.

8) Stored and not in sight
Concealed cabinetry is a great way to balance between storage and style. It makes the living room looks light and open with no clutter to be seen. Nobody likes a muddle of wires running down the wall here and there. If you have open shelving, hide the cords by sandwiching them behind false walls.

9) Office-friendly
Think outside the box by bringing your office supplies to the entertainment unit too. Now that printing has become wireless as well, use a part of that extra space to create a mini printer stand. Place your printer and papers in one of the shelves. Add a few more supplies around it like your business card, pens, and other stationery.

10) Fashionably adorned
Turn your TV set into a piece of art by surrounding it with a classy wooden or metallic frame. Add portraits or family pictures to embrace a personal touch to the area. The television can even be camouflaged on a gallery wall and still look perfect. A gallery wall can bring a unique and interesting touch of personalization to the entertainment unit.

Did any of your ideas interest you or do you have better solutions of your own? Give us a call and we will put your thoughts into action!

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