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5 great ideas for stylish wall decor

Wall decor ideas

Are you bored of that blank, stark wall in your room? We, at Homzinterio, have got creative ways to infuse it with arty and charming designs.

Here are some concepts for wall decoration that suit an elegant and charming home.

1.Selecting Wall Colour
Make a noteworthy difference by simply changing the color of your wall. Paint is relatively the most inexpensive way to transform a room. Choose the shade by using the fabric from your drapes, bedding, and sofa as a guide. To produce a dramatic experience, select a color which is in contrast to the tone of the fabric.
The color is a major factor that invokes the mood of the room. For example, red adds richness whereas blue emits a certain kind of warmth. The shade is another area to pay attention to. Say, yellow and orange effect cheer and energy, but it is important to take the right shade because such colors can be overbearing if done too bright.
Add depth to your walls and achieve a subtle texture with sponge painting. To make it look more interesting, partner two different colors and produce a new feeling through patterns and murals.

When a blank wall makes you fancy something more, just pick a paper and measure, cut, paste, repeat. From gorgeous motifs to subtle ones, wallpapers add instantaneous personal style. A simple print can make a big difference in a plain room.
You can improve only specific areas too. Maybe you wish to proudly exhibit your silver cutlery and candlesticks. Using metallic wallpaper just in that region will emphasise the display further. Elect a bold pattern for an eye-catching outcome.
And, if you are an eco-friendly person, a great piece of information for you. With the go-green movement making its mark particularly in the design industry, wallpapers that are free of vinyl and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) have emerged. These absolutely chic and thought-provoking sheets add a new look, while making Mother Earth happy.

3.Art arrangement
Bare walls are common in every home. It’s time to take the dive and pep up those big barren blocks with an assortment of art. Plan your arrangement a little orderly as well as relaxed for the living room. If you are putting up frames along the stairway, stagger the look. An uneven pattern appears more interesting here.
Not just pictures, all your favourite things deserve to be outlined. Frame a wooden board and nail fancy pins to it to display your jewelry, scarves and purses. This is a trendy yet practical way to give your bedroom a makeover. Show off your plates and antique collection as well. Nothing adds personality and color like a gallery wall.
For a more customizable option, coat a portion of a wall with the chalkboard. This is a useful idea for the kitchen to write down recipes or things to buy, and the children’s chamber. Let your kids scribble and draw to their heart’s content.

4.Bring in some nature
Adding plants is one of the best ways to develop some positive energy in your home. Greenery automatically adds beauty and life to your walls. For starters, line up pots on a simple narrow bench. If there are awkward empty corners that need some adornment, L-shaped shelves can save your day. This way, you don’t have to sacrifice any floor space.
Plants do not necessarily have to sit on your window sill or desk top always. Include some macramé hangers to brighten your space. They look best when hung near the living room or kitchen windows. If these are too mainstream for you, try prism plant hangers. They are perfect for cactus and air plants.
Craft your own green corner by adding different layers of arrangement into a quirky plant sanctuary with a mixture of large and tiny jars, long draping plants, stands and shelves. Indoor plants add a special touch of style to your home and help improve your sense of wellbeing by keeping the air clean. So, allow your imagination run riot with these modishly green displays.

5.Brick walls
Like Randy Pausch says, “The brick walls are there for a reason.” They sprinkle a unique appeal and tad of timeless charm, one of those trends we can’t get enough of. You get them in a wide range of hues to choose from. If you have got exposed pipes, ducts or metallic frames, you should definitely add bricks to complete the so-called industrial look. Hence, they go very well with the kitchen.

For your living room, add some vintage colour paints like white and grey. It becomes easy to pair such colours with any kind of furniture, as they create an overall neutral backdrop.

But, the biggest problem of all? Though sturdy, bricks tend to be porous. This makes them easy to absorb dirt and moisture. Still, don’t you worry. We’ve got your back. Applying a sealant or acrylic-based coating can help overcome this issue, with no compromise to the look and texture of the wall.

We hope you found this information helpful. Give us a call to fulfil your home needs.

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